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Across Australia

After European settlement in Australia, the Centre remained the big unknown – perhaps a huge inland sea? The arid outback kept its secrets as horses could only travel 2 days without water.
Aboriginal people had lived there for thousands of years and understood the arid interior and locations of waterholes.
Explorers tried for decades to discover what may be there, but were turned back because of lack of water.
More than 80 years were to pass before Scottish born John McDouall Stuart led successful expeditions to the Centre and then across Australia from south to north and back again.
Follow Stuart’s Trail Across Australia



The Flinders Ranges

The Flinders Ranges is a picturesque adventure paradise with easily accessible spectacular scenery with gorges and rocky hills to explore. Sealed roads and good gravel roads traverse the area on a number of scenic drives.
There are numerous walking trails, with plentiful wild life – the endangered Yellow Footed Rock Wallaby, kangaroos, emus and prolific birdlife.
See ancient geographical sites, Aboriginal rock paintings and carvings and historical European settlement sites.


The Stuart Highway

The Stuart Highway crosses Australia from south to north and is one of the most diverse highways, via the outback, the Red Centre and the tropical north. There’s much indiginous culture, fascinating European heritage and some of the most spectacular and diverse landscapes in the world.





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